Valentine's Day in Bruges

Buying gifts just got a lot easier!

You're standing in front of a shiny boutique window, sweating profusely with panic at the abundance of diamonds, earrings, rings and necklaces in yellow gold, white gold and you name it. As a saleswoman invites you in and asks what should be simple questions, such as "What's your partner's style?", "What's her ring size?" And "What's your budget?", To which you respond with an awkward silence before buying the completely wrong gift while forgetting the receipt in the process once you step outside.

Buying gifts can be a lot easier!

We get you, buying jewellery for your significant other can be a stressful and time-consuming task. But with a few simple preparations and by gathering a few personal details beforehand, this can ensure a smooth experience for you, resulting in a lavish gift that will have meaning to its owner. Anyone can buy someone shiny something, but only when it has a story and a purpose that's when it makes a difference.

Some rules

The most important thing to always keep in mind is "the occasion". A delicate diamond bracelet makes for a perfect birthday present, while anniversaries are traditionally better celebrated with eternity rings. If it's your first time buying jewellery, go for something designed to impress her, like a statement pendant.

We recommend the 18kt white gold ring with pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds from the Grace collection by Antonellis. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Materials and skin colour

Think about the types of skin tones: warm, neutral and cool. Cooler shades usually go with white gold and silver, while yellow metals are best for neutral skin tones. We usually see people with a warm skin colour with copper-coloured jewellery. Next time, pay attention to her jewellery and choose the colour that she wears the most.

What's her style?

This is an area that you should play safely. Have you ever gotten a DVD for Christmas in a genre you hate? Obviously, the person who bought the movie for you loves it and is convinced that you will too. But don't be that person; instead, study the style of your girlfriend's jewellery. Ask her family and best friends for advice or better, take them with you as a backup.


Diamonds are a girls best friend.”

A diamond is like a suit: it can be cut in many ways - oval, round, emerald, etc. If you want a diamond that looks bigger than it is, we recommend that you choose an "Illusion" setting. Multiple stones together form a larger stone.

“You can also add decorations to a diamond, just like you can decorate a suit with pocket squares and boutonnieres. Adding what is known as a "halo" of smaller diamonds will highlight the stone and add more detail to the piece. "Experimenting with other types of stones is also a possibility!

Whether it's an extravagant ring, watch or necklace, show your dedication and find the right gift for that special someone.

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