How to choose an engagement ring?

Tips & Tricks

Choosing an engagement ring is the first step to making your marriage proposal a great success. But how do you prevent the ring from turning out to be too big, too small or not at all to her taste if the proposal is to remain a surprise? Read our tips & tricks here for

choosing the perfect ring.


The budget is often the most important to start with. Setting a budget ensures that you can search in a targeted manner. You immediately have an overview before your eyes of what is possible. You can easily set your own budget on our webshop and search immediately. Is the ring you are looking for not listed? No worries in the boutique, we have much more choice.

Design & Colour

Now that you know how much you want to spend on your engagement ring, it is now time to start your search. This is the hardest part as it is also the most personal. Rings come in all shapes, colours and styles.

The first step is to choose the frame, the actual ring. Here you have to make a choice

the type of metal, the style and the quality of the ring.

A good way to figure out her style is to look discreetly in her jewellery box. This chest contains many secrets for you to discover in your search for an engagement ring. What styles does she like? Does she prefer classic jewellery or is her jewellery more modern?

Of course, the colour of the gold is also an important choice, does she like to wear white, yellow or red gold? Because it is a personal choice, we definitely recommend that you observe which colours of jewellery she wears the most.

Ring size

Many people who have doubts about the ring size take an existing ring from their partner to the jeweller. So go through the jewellery box of your future wife at an unguarded moment and you will probably come across a ring that she will not immediately miss. Just be careful not to choose a ring that your partner wears on the middle finger because most people wear the engagement ring preferably on their ring finger.

Would you rather not risk your partner noticing that a ring has disappeared?

Then put one of her rings on a piece of paper and trace the circumference on the inside or download and print our handy ring size guide. This way you can select the correct ring size yourself at home.

Download PDF • 1.17MB

Wrong Size?

“NO WORRIES, the ring can always be adjusted afterwards”

When in doubt, go for an average ring size when choosing a ring, our team will guide you here in confidence. Adjustments are always possible afterwards. Please take note that it can sometimes be difficult to make a ring with a band set with stones several sizes smaller.

If so, the ring can always be made from scratch according to her size.

As long as the ring deviates a maximum of 2 sizes, we can adjust it to the correct size in our store for free.


To get an idea of ​​the types of rings that often get chosen by our customers, you can find below some examples that were very popular.

Good Luck!

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