Pasquale Bruni


Pasquale Bruni is an Italian luxury jewellery brand that creates high-quality jewels easily recognised thanks to the emotion, soul and love that pass to whoever wears them. Our inspiration comes from nature blended in harmony with our Italian roots, from the self-awareness and femininity of contemporary women.


Our designs are the expression of passion, love, constant experimentation, innovation, research of colour and material, to create a unique piece of jewellery.


Our pieces are designed by a woman for women with a constant focus on clients and their relationship with their jewellery.
Each piece is studied to have perfect comfort for women in their everyday life.


Every Pasquale Bruni creation is 100% Made in Italy in
the Valenza atelier and each process are done in-house under the attentive supervision of the Bruni family to deliver a product of the highest quality. 


Each day we bring our love, knowledge, independent spirit and experience to the atelier. An expression of Vera Passione, an emotion felt by everyone who wears Pasquale Bruni.